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Viewers Voice: Jay Warren is too liberal and too conservative

By Jay Warren

Our election coverage continues to generate comments with some calling my comments to liberal, like Deborah Riffin in Roanoke.

She took issue with me for calling Virginia “purple” after Tuesday’s election results.

"Could you please just allow those of us who voted for McDonnell to celebrate this victory without any "negative" commentary from you. Negative is being defined by me as I listened to you describe our state as "purple" when clearly the voters allowed the Republicans to "sweep" this election,” Riffin wrote.

Another viewer thought I was too conservative.

A. Ridder of Moneta wrote, "Jay Warren's demeanor gives the impression that he is extremely biased in favor of Republicans. Some of the interviews that he conducted lately with the gubernatorial candidates demonstrates this point because of their obvious contrasts. Jay's recent interview with Bob McDonnell was friendly and engaging. Jay often smiled warmly and was markedly non confrontational; sometimes even awestruck. Contrast that interview with the one Jay conducted with Creigh Deeds. Jay doggedly asked Deeds a question about transportation; repeating the same question four or five times in rapid-fire succession sometimes not giving Deeds time to answer. If Jay cannot hide his perceived biased enthusiasm perhaps he could get a job with Fox News."

WSLS responds: I feel like I'm taking incoming fire from both sides, which is okay. I understand that politics can be personal to a lot of people and I appreciate that. In fact, I'm glad that so many of you are that engaged in our political process. It's what makes our great democracy work.

Rather than answer each criticism, let me just say that it is my goal to always treat all candidates fairly, insisting that they answer the questions that are important to our viewers. It's our job to hold them accountable for you no matter their political party.

And, several viewers didn't like the light-hearted approach we took to the weather Thursday night as Bret Sharp from Star Country subbed briefly for Jeff Haniewich in an unusual costume.

Mike Doyle wrote, “I was just dumfounded when he came on doing his part in a diaper and bib with a bottle. That nonsense belongs elsewhere not on your news. Please keep your standards up to par and not drop them to the comic page. You're better than that....usually!”

And Robert emailed, “WSLS 10 is not on "MY" side with a skit such as tonight. The news is to be dignified and refined, not childish and sophomoric. Why not grow up and deliver the news and weather in style, not in diapers. I truly expected better from you.”

WSLS responds: thanks for the comments. We often get criticism that the news is too depressing and that we only cover bad things. Our managers thought this would help lighten things while also promoting a new way to stay informed through our Facebook page. It was a one-time, brief segment that did not take away from the other news of that day.

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