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Great Tips on Finding the Right Pet for Your Family

Things to consider before getting a new pet:

Energy level - When choosing a pet, it's important to consider the breed's energy level as well as your own activity routine and lifestyle. Will an energetic dog be fun or annoying? Labradors, one of America's most popular dog breeds, love to be active and one walk a day may not be sufficient. However, Bulldogs are perfectly happy with brief walks, long naps and serving as a couch companion for their owners just relaxing at home.


Temperament – Different breeds have different temperaments, which can sometimes cause behavioral issues. Yorkshire Terriers are stubborn and can bore easily. It's best to start training early and keep the sessions short. Yorkies are also suspicious of strangers and will bark incessantly at new people if not socialized properly. Labradors are intelligent, well-balanced and particularly good with children. However, Labs need opportunities to use their intelligence, like obedience and agility training, or they might get into mischief.


Nutrition – A dog's nutritional needs can vary depending on a multitude of factors (age, size, environment), including breed. A Pug's flat face can make picking up certain kibble difficult. Yorkies are susceptible to tooth decay. Labs are prone to weight gain. Chihuahuas can be fussy. Buying the right diet can help offset typical breed-specific issues for your pet.


Grooming Breeds can differ greatly in the type and amount of grooming needed. Some dogs, like Boxers, require minimal grooming; a weekly brushing will do. Other dogs' coats require much more attention or trips to a professional. Yorkshire Terriers and Shih Tzus need to be brushed daily to avoid tangles in their long, soft coats.

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