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Ready to Run Setback


Going to the doctor is no fun for sure but with the pain I was having in my left leg, I decided I should get it checked out. Hopefully an extra will help give me and the doctor an idea of what is going on. I started feeling the pain after I went on a seven mile run in old shoes which of course was a bad decision on my part.

The X-Ray doesn't show a break so I assume I will still be able to train for the Martinsville Half Marathon coming up in March.

Carilion Clinic Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Thomas Miller explains, "This is the thinner area of the bone and if you are seeing more stress, this is one of the places you ill see a stress fracture."

After hearing what Doctor Miller had to say the pain I had been having over the last few weeks made more sense to me. Every time I would try to run, the pain would get worse.

Dr. Miller says, "Pain every time you try to go back to activity means I have to assume you are working on a stress fracture. You get micro-motion and the bone has tiny little micro-fractures in it. The earlier you recognize the issue the quicker you get this back into a healing process."

*It takes about 6 weeks for the bone remodel or heal

*Stimulating the bone with activity is good

* Don't over do it

He says, "The simplest rule is anything you can do that is pain free."

For me that has been bike riding, yoga and strength training.

Dr. Miller adds,"Back down the activity to the point that you are painless and maintain that for a period of time. The bone can then continue to lay down new bone and then gradually adding load back again."

Since running hurts it is out for me right now. No more running means I can't train. But I will be Lindsey Ward's biggest cheerleader on race day instead.

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