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HCFR: Property owner must pay for sinkhole testing to confirm

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Tuesday evening, someone inside the home on Peach Avenue in Seffner called 911. They were reporting a sink hole.

Jessica Alfaro lives in the home with her family and says tiles were buckling in the home and the floor separated from the walls. Alafaro says, " I felt like I was going to get sucked in a sink hole."

Less than a month ago and less than two miles away from the Peach Avenue home, Jeffrey Bush lost his life when a sinkhole opened under the home he was living in.

In that case engineers found a large void under the home where Bush was staying on Faithway Drive.

There is no visible hole under the duplex on Peach Avenue Where Alafaro and her family live, only small cracks are visible on the wall outside of the home.

Alafaro says she's afraid to go back inside, "I don't feel safe to even walk back in there."

Philip Van Beynen is an associate professor in the geology department at the University of South Florida and says it's not unusual for sink holes to open in the same area.

"They tend to occur in lines and therefore this is a fracture, potentially under the ground which is maybe why you are getting these three sinkholes that happen to be forming in that location.", says Van Beynen.

He also says the recent sinkholes may be caused by the dry weather of the winter.

Van Beynen says, " One of the things that may be happening, with a slightly drier season, you may have a slight drop in the water table and that may mean that the rock that's being supported by that water table is therefore decreasing and you're getting collapses of that rock."

The news of sinkholes in the area is also having an unsettling on real estate in the area.

Susie Morris of Yellowfin reality says she's been selling homes in the area for years, but she is urging people to be cautious now.

"There was a time when that was just a calculated risk that you took. Right now, it seems something significant is happening. I would be cautious at this point.", says Morris.

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