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Meet Lucky: Man's Best Friend; Bed Bug's Worst Enemy

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Millions of people will be flying, driving and cruising this summer. But beware of some annoying "hitchhikers."

Bed bugs continue to plague people right here in the east. Professionals tell 9 on your side they get up to 10 calls a week.

It's such a big problem, one local company is "bringing out the big guns" in the form of a four-legged friend.

His name: "Lucky." His game: finding bed bugs.

He may be man's best friend at "Russ Pest Control" but he's a bed bug's worst enemy.

Lucky's life, however, got off to a rocky start. Ironically, his owner, Peter Schonemann, found him when he was responding to a bed bug call.

"There was nobody home. I was knocking on the door and all of a sudden I heard a whimper down at the bottom of the stairs and I looked down and saw this little Chihuahua-looking, didn't know what it was, was about two pounds, no fur, just bones," Schonemann said.

It turns out, it wasn't a Chihuahua, not even close. Lucky was a Pit Bull. Nobody in the neighborhood claimed him so Peter took him home.

"It just went from there. He was into everything, smelling all the time. And so we decided, you know, maybe we'll see if we can train him to find bed bugs," said Schonemann.

It's a growing problem in Eastern North Carolina.

"They definitely have not slowed down. They are if anything getting worse. It doesn't matter how clean you are, it's just a matter of where you've been and if you've had the possibility of picking them up," said Schonemann.

Statistics show 99% of pest professionals have treated bed bugs within the past year. 76% consider bed bugs the most difficult pest to control.

Some studies show two bed bugs can turn into 35,000 in about 10 weeks.

That's where Lucky's sniffer comes into play. Peter and his wife, Amy, train him to pick up the bugs' scent by planting vials of them in different places around the office.

"A dog can be over 90% accurate, whereas a human may only be about 30 – 40% accurate," said Schonemann.

Is it pure skill? Or unwavering loyalty? Maybe a little bit of both, but this dog's owners say they just got…Lucky.

Lucky will officially be a certified "Bed Bug Sniffer" in a couple months. You can "Like" him on his very own Facebook page:

Lucky's owners gave us some tips to stop the bed bugs before they bite.

Inspect your house often: Check your mattresses, carpets, floorboards and electrical outlets.

If you travel, cover your bags and keep everything off the floor.

Despite the name, bedbugs can lurk in many spots: be on the lookout; you can pick them up in libraries, movie theaters and stores.

If you think you have a problem, call a professional sooner than later.

There's even a bedbug registry online. If someone has been to a hotel and reported bedbugs you can find a report her:

For more information visit:

Or you can contact Peter Schonemann at Russ Pest Control: ...(252) -746-8098

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