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The perfect RG III photo

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Here at Redskins Training Camp, Robert Griffin III, aka RG3 or RGIII, is like the president, while the rest of the Redskins are like members of congress. The Players who are not RG3, have certain levels of protection from the fans and the media, but Griffin has his own security detail and he pretty much needs it.

While the sports reporters and most of the fans are obsessing over Robert's newly reconstructed knee, since the season pretty much rides on it, I have a different objective. I want to get a great photo of the great quarterback. (FYI on the knee – It's looking good. Six week ahead of schedule, "remarkable" recovery, best doctors have ever seen –that's what we are hearing from Redskins staff including the General Manager Bruce Allen.)

Think of me as a media outlier. I'm a news guy covering a "sports" story and we have Jonathan Merryman our "sports" reporter with us. So to me, the story is the bigger than life phenomenon with number 10 on his back.

Since there is nothing left to report, that hasn't been reported by the hordes of other media here, I assigned myself to taking pictures of the man and the people who follow him everywhere.

Even though I have a media pass, it's not that easy. We can only shoot pictures for the first half hour of practice. And then it's from the sidelines. After practice, RG3 is surrounded by hordes of people and a security guy is attached to his hip. The security guy doesn't mean to be a problem, but he's so close he keeps blocking my view of Griffin. (Like he cares, right?)

Meanwhile, the WSLS team and I ARE working on other stories, and reporting back to you live on the air, so I can't exactly miss the 6 p.m. news just because there might be a chance to get the picture that no one but me is demanding. I mean, it's not like the team back at the station is saying, "Don't even think about coming back to Roanoke without a Life magazine shot of RGIII."

So it's a game. Try to work the schedule, play within the Redskins rules and be in the right place at the right time to get a picture that is somehow over-the-top good.

I'll keep clicking, and at some point sharing with you. If nothing else, it's fun.

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