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UPDATE: "Would-be Robber" shot by store clerk

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After a late night attempted robbery ended in the shooting of the “would-be robber” WSLS spoke with other local businesses in the Melrose Rugby Neighborhood who say they also fear of incidents like this happening to them.

Recently there have been four robberies in that area.

We spoke with Mohammad Ibraham, the owner of the Royal Deli that is only one block away from the Paradise Deli-Mart that was robbed on Thursday.

He says he fears that he will be robbed every day and commends the store owner for being able to protect himself.

“I hope that these robbers learn a lesson from this,” Ibraham said.

He says he keeps a registered gun in his business at all times.

“We come over here and try to make a living and these young kids here they don't care. I mean one bullet could change all of the whole family life,” Ibraham said.

“Just like my cousin got robbed about seven years ago. He got shot inside of his store. His kid has to grow up without a father.”

WSLS learned this isn't the first time the Paradise Deli-Mart has been robbed.

Since then, after fearing for his safety, owner Munawar Hussain keeps a gun in his store for protection.

He also keeps an alarm system that includes a hidden alert button behind the counter.  Unfortunately the alarm didn't work Wednesday night when he needed it most.

He says that forced him to take matters in his own hands.

Despite having what he says was the scare of his life, Hussain is back to work the very next day.

He says he'll never forget what it felt like to have his life on the line.

"Guy came in. He had a gun. He had a mask," Ibraham said.

18-year old Lee Greene who Hussain says had been here before to buy cigarettes was then holding a gun, demanding money.

“I opened the register. I gave him money.... and he says put in cigarette packet too. I put in cigarette packet too. After that he says that he need condom too. Maybe he had a date or something,” he laughingly said.

He can joke today but he says last night it was no laughing matter.

He says he didn't want to shoot and was hoping he would leave after he gave Greene what he wanted.

You can still see the bullet holes in the building

He missed on the first shot which landed in a cooler above Greene while he was attempting to steal beer from the cooler. Missing three more times, Hussain finally hit Greene in the shoulder knocking him to the ground.

Hussain went outside to call the police, but it wasn't over.

"He tried to catch my gun...I threw the gun outside and then he came out, “Hussain said.

“We were in the parking lot, the door was locked and the gun was inside. I am little scared. Afterwards’s we fought by hand."

56-year-old Hussain says he fought 18 year old Greene in the parking lot. No one was around to help. Finally Greene ran away to an alleyway where he laid down.

That’s when police arrived.

"I am old. 56 years old. He is young. I am tired today. Maybe still next week I’ll be tired”.

But despite all of that he's back to work and hoping that his first night back will backh calmer than the last.


WSLS has learned more details about the attempted robbery on a local business Wednesday night that resulted in the shooting of the "would-be robber."

Police tell WSLS that the 18-year-old Lee Warren Greene III, age 18, of Roanoke was identified as the attempted robber.

He was apprehended by police shortly after he was shot by the store owner of the Paradise Food Mart he was attempting to rob.

The store owner told police that Greene entered his store shortly before 8:30 p.m. brandishing what appeared to be a gun. Greene demanded money and other items from the store.

The store owner then grabbed a firearm from behind the counter and fired multiple shots at Greene, striking him one time.

Greene was taken by Roanoke Fire EMS to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound. After his release from the hospital, the suspect was taken to the Roanoke City Jail. At this time, Lee Warren Greene III is charged with robbery, and use of a firearm in commission of a felony.

11:00 PM UPDATE:

Roanoke City Police are still investigating a shooting that happened around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night. It happened at the Paradise Deli Mart near the corner of Orange Avenue and 18th Street.

Police tell WSLS the shooting happened after an attempted robbery. The store clerk told police that he saw the man pull a weapon, but was able to shoot him in self defense.

No word right now where the man was shot, but he was able to run about fifty yards away where police apprehended him in a nearby alley.

The man was transported to a local Roanoke hospital. Police have not identified the man, or his age, or his condition his condition.

WSLS will continue to keep you updated on the latest.

Earlier post:

Roanoke City Police are responding to a shooting at Paradise Mart near the corner of Orange Avenue and 18th St.

Police tell WSLS that at around 8:30 tonight, someone attempted to rob the store. The shop owner tells police he saw the person reach for a gun, the owner then pulled out a gun and shot the man. The man who was shot was found by police in a nearby alley. No word on his condition, but police say he was taken to a local hospital.

Police are still investigating tonight. WSLS Rachel Lucas is on the scene.
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