The method for repairing hail damage you may not know about

Experts explain paintless dent repair

ROANOKE, Va. – There's a car repair method to fix hail damage that many people may not know about.

After hail damaged cars in southwest Roanoke during a storm Aug. 1, 10 News asked experts how they would make repairs, finding that many people are unaware of a method called paintless dent repair -- which has been around for decades.

Also called PDR, it doesn't involve sanding down any areas or using Bondo, as two experts who own their own repair companies showed 10 News.

"It's a process of slowly massaging the metal from the inside, manipulating it and bringing it out slowly and restoring the factory finish on the vehicle," said Mark Atherton, who subcontracts to body shops in southwest and central Virginia.

Insurance can cover the repairs, just like it would for other methods.

"I love making people happy, getting their cars fixed, putting a smile on people's face," Atherton said. "I'm still pretty shocked that people don't know about it." 

Brandon Peterson has a shop on Brambleton Avenue. He goes into areas after hail has hit.

"Paintless dent repair is typically more affordable. Also, it's a quicker turnaround. It saves the resale value of the vehicle," he said. "We're really of need and service once these storms happen."

The shops can use PDR to fix many types of damage aside from hail, including deer collisions and basketball hoops and garage doors slamming down on cars.