Tasty Tuesday: Corner Burger

Looking for a tasty burger that's better for you too?

If there's one thing I love to get when dining out, it's a burger. When Corner Burger was recommended for this segment, I jumped on the opportunity. 

Owner Kent Wood, says that his burgers have a different taste. It's interesting, because they really don't use a lot of seasoning; just a little kosher salt.

It all has to do with what the cow eats. Wood tells us, "Grass-fed is really an unregulated term nowadays. It just means that at some point in the cow's life, they ate grass."

What they offer at Corner Burger is grass-finished beef. This means that the cow eats all grass its entire life, without any artificial fatteners. 

This gives a great taste, but also some health benefits too. Wood explained that there's, "...about 25% less calories, about 25% more vitamins and 0% chance of Mad Cow Disease."

Combine that burger with a milkshake, and you're set for the day. The milk, cheese and ice cream all comes from Homestead Creamery, showing that Corner Burger lives up to its brand of Local, Fresh, Humane.

They're open 11a-9p Monday through Saturday. Kids can eat for $7. Lastly, if burgers aren't your thing, they have chicken, barbeque and veggie burgers too.

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