Brittany Flowers

Brittany Flowers

Daytime Blue Ridge Host

Brittany was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and up until June 2016, had never lived anywhere else.

During her final year of college, Brittany worked at a TV station in Albuquerque, while also attending classes to work toward her Communications degree at the University of New Mexico. After graduating, she was brought on as the morning lifestyle show co-host where she shared events, stories, and people from her home state.

Brittany was offered a role to join the very talented Natalie Faunce as the co-host of Daytime Blue Ridge and, after seeing the beauty of Roanoke, couldn’t say no. She packed up her husband, Tofer, and two kids, and drove 1,654 miles from Albuquerque to Roanoke. They now have the privilege of calling Roanoke their home.

When Brittany is not on air, you can find her and the Flowers family exploring the town, or playing soccer.  If you do see her, please say hello.

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