Patricia Martellotti

Patricia Martellotti


My path to broadcast journalism began at Time Warner with a team of ambitious reporters in Southern California. We were all obsessed with news 24 hours a day. That creative spark launched my career.

I went on to the newsroom of KVEW-TV ABC in the Tri-Cities of Washington State where I covered stories on the environment, agriculture, health, aviation, and transportation.

These days, I can be seen serving as a reporter on WSLS 10 NBC. Although I live in the city's newest apartment community in South Roanoke, I'm not often there. I love being “on the go” as a frontline street reporter.

Before working in news, I served as a music professor at various west coast colleges. I also worked as an actor for The Walt Disney Company and IMAX in Southern California.

During my free time, I perform at charitable organizations for children’s hospitals as a pianist and violinist at their events.

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