Built in the Blue Ridge: Solid Stone Fabrics

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MARTINSVILLE (WSLS 10) - Manufacturing was once a booming industry in Martinsville and Henry County, employing 65 percent of the labor force.

That number is now between 20 and 25 percent but is starting to go back up as Solid Stone Fabrics brings textiles back to Virginia and America.

“We source fabric worldwide to our specifications or to our customers specifications,” says President David Stone describing the company.  He continues, “we are a fabric printer with a sublimation operation.  We stock fabric for consumer markets.  We stock fabric for a number of other markets, dancewear, swimwear, cheer, band, active apparel, theme parks.”

The company got its start in Stone's basement just over a decade ago.

Today the company has grown from a staff of one to nearly sixty, bringing new life to an 82,000 square foot building once used by Bassett Walker as a knitting plant.

To continue growing, innovation and experimentation are encouraged, to find the next hot trend.  “Our VP of Manufacturing discovered on accident that you can print on a sequin and since then we have done quite a bit of it and you see a lot of it now in the market,” said Stone.  “We're not the only ones doing it, but we did start it,” he continued.

A start that's bringing customers back to Virginia, for quality that's made in America.

“We do believe that people appreciate the quality you can get,” said Mark Heath, President of Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation.  He continues, “when you look at political unrest around the world, it makes people want Made in America.”

The American dream continuing to grow with endless possibilities.

“I think Solid Stone Fabrics can do pretty much what it wants to,” said Stone talking about the future of the company.

In the next couple of months, the company will hold a grand opening celebration, marking the move into its historic facility.