Built in the Blue Ridge: Show Case Shutters

Built in the Blue Ridge
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CHRISTIANSBURG (WSLS 10) - When you think about window treatments, you typically think of curtains and blinds, but a Christiansburg company gives you a different option for your window treatments.

Plantation shutters can give your home a different look.

It's an upgrade that's a little more luxurious.

That's what drew Shan Carroll into the business. His company originally made cabinets before moving into shutters.

“We humans are more apt to pay for something we want instead of something that we need,” said President Shan Carroll.  “This is a luxury item. It's a high end item and I left the cabinet business.”

The product is custom made to fit all windows, no matter the shape or the size to fit the look of your home.

Growth came to the company after landing a national contract.

For several years, they shipped shutters to people in five states. It brought in more than a $1 million a year, but everything changed one day when the phone rang.

Show Case Shutters lost its national client, so it expanded its presence on the web, just launching a new website and using social media.

Carroll admits the struggle was worth it, but it wasn't easy to survive after losing a large client, saying, “It hasn't been easy. It definitely hasn't been easy. There's been times that you question whether. We've persevered and everybody whose worked here.  It's a testament to them.”

It's the 14 employees working for the company whose commitment to quality keeps customers coming back.

“We try to put out the best product that there is out there.  So, word of mouth is real big,” said nine-year employee Arthur Kelly.

Kelly said the team is like a family, and for him, it really is.

His son also works for the company.

“Working with your family, you don't have to worry about them making you mad or something going wrong,” says Kelly. “If you’ve got a problem, stop the process.  It's just great working with family.”

In addition to making shutters, the company works with interior designers in the region by going out to measure and install the products, so that it fits perfectly in the home.