Built in the Blue Ridge: Renaissance Lighting and Metal Furniture

Built in the Blue Ridge
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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - From the light on the nightstand to the chandelier in the lobby, Renaissance Lighting and Metal Furniture illuminates hotels across the country.

The company started small, but has grown quickly in its 13 years.

“We started with four employees and steadily increased and now are up to 50 and continuing to grow,” said company president Troy Cook.

Growth that continues as more businesses look to purchase items made in the United States.

“There's a huge renewed interest in American goods for multiple reasons, so to be positioned the way we are with manufacturing already set up, the tremendous capabilities we have, it's a great time to be an American manufacturer,” said Cook.

After starting in lighting, the company has expanded now into site amenities, things like bicycle racks, trash cans and benches.

The expansion into furniture now makes up 35 percent of the company's business and allows for their two products to be combined into one.

”This is a new item where we are combining our lighting capabilities with our metal furniture capabilities,” said Cook.  “So you have a lighted table here that's very unique and gives off a nice, soft glow to illuminate a space.  It's something different and unique and we look for great things from it.”

Great things, created by people who take pride in the products they produce.

"One of the greatest things is seeing some of these projects installed and being able to share the pictures with some of the people who actually built it,” said Operations Manager Brian Brickey.  “That's probably the biggest satisfaction I have.”

Employees at Renaissance also built the solar phone charging table installed at Virginia Tech earlier this year as part of the school's Earth Day celebration.