Built in the Blue Ridge: St. Pierre Woodworking

FLOYD CO. (WSLS 10) - A Floyd County business takes us back to our roots, custom making furniture by hand.

Bill St. Pierre's love of woodworking started at an early age as a hobby.

“I got started in Northern Vermont at the age of 7 years old,” said St. Pierre.  “I used to build bird houses and take them out to the country store in northern Vermont and sell them for two or three dollars apiece.”

It is a childhood business that continued part-time after moving to Virginia, initially selling his woodwork to people locally.

He started getting customers from across the country and went full-time after receiving national exposure.

“We got on one of the series of ‘Salvage Dawgs,’" St. Pierre said.  I've known Robert and Mike and we've had a great partnership.  They did one of their episodes up here.  That's when I had to quit my day job.  That was actually the same week that show aired.  We had a lot of exposure from that.”

That exposure showed all of the stages of woodworking, from taking down old barns or cutting down trees, to sawing the wood into smaller slabs to get it ready to make a masterpiece.

They make most anything for the home, from cabinets to mantles, but it is tables that are most in demand.  “We do a lot of tables.  Every home has a table.  Not everybody has a hutch or an armoire.  They can get by with the bedroom set they have.  It's really about tables because a table can show off the slab or the wood much better than being chopped up into smaller pieces for a small piece of furniture,” said St. Pierre.

After spending more than a year building some pieces, Bill and his team of four woodworkers sometimes find it hard to let the finished product go.

“I find that I get a very special relationship with a piece I'm working on sometimes, but, I've grown over the years,” St. Pierre said. “There are pieces I've wanted to keep, but I realize I didn't build my house quite large enough.”

The folks at St. Pierre Woodworking partnered with WSLS 10 for our Rebuilding Hope project in Appomattox County, building the entertainment center for Nancy Harris.

In addition to furniture for the home, they recently built a conference room table for a new building at Radford University from a tree that had to be taken down on the campus.