Built in the Blue Ridge: Sleep Safe Beds

A Henry County company makes beds for children with special needs

BASSETT, Va. – SleepSafe Beds wants your family to get a good and safe night's sleep.

"We manufacture beds for children with special needs, that is our main product line.  Cerebral palsy is our biggest market, Rhett syndrome is another one, the blind, kids with seizures.  It's a pretty extensive list of needs that our bed applies to," said company founder Gregg Weinschreider.

Workers produce furniture that keeps children secure at night.

The company got its start in 2001 in New York when it was approached about the need.

"They were looking, the hospital bed work safety group was started back then, to address falls and entrapment in hospital beds.  They were looking for an alternative for something to keep these people safe, to keep them from getting trapped in beds and falling out.  We were working with a gentleman up there and we decided to take a look at it," said Weinschreider.

The beds are made with safety in mind.  The mattresses raise and lower so you can safely get your child in the bed and then you click it into place and the child is secured for the night.

Expansion, and a desire for a better quality of life, brought the company to Virginia, first in Calloway, then Bassett.

"Twelve years ago when we were thinking of coming down, or moving, we had had enough of the weather and the taxes up in New York.  I remembered being in Lynchburg a long time ago and remembered it was gorgeous, so we googled commercial real estate in Virginia," Weinschreider said.

In Henry County, they found workers who were displaced after other manufacturers moved operations overseas.

"We found a lot of great talent down here.  A lot of it from Stanley Furniture.  I've got five or six people from that industry down here," Weinschreider said.

The company also produces the Assured Comfort line, which is bedding for adults.