Built in the Blue Ridge: Twist and Turns

The company makes metal furniture in Roanoke

ROANOKE, Va. – Making furniture from metal is a business Anthony Gardner and his mom Cynthia Willis got into by accident.

“We started by making some furniture for ourselves, just to see, and that kind of evolved to people saying y'all should open a store and start selling it.  So we did,” said Twist and Turns Vice President Anthony Gardner.

A quarter-century later, they are still going strong, due to hard work and a quality product.

“I think that one thing that has helped us is the loyalty rate of the customers.  They advertise a lot for us.  It's a quality product,” company president Cynthia Willis said.

One of their most popular products is the memorial bench.

It gives workers a lot of satisfaction, knowing their creations are helping a community heal.

“That is the nice part of it that it's there.  People that's been appreciated at a certain job, that's passed away, then all the people can use it and remember that person and it dresses up that area,” Gardner said.

Their customers give them inspiration for many of their designs. 

“We've had a lot of designs that a customer has wanted for themselves.  We thought it was a great design and put it into our product line," Gardner said.

In recent years, Twist and Turns has seen growth after partnering with another Roanoke Valley business, attracting customers from across the nation.

Workers are currently making chairs for a customer's national headquarters.  They are working with another local business, Chervan Furniture, which we featured in February in “Built in the Blue Ridge.”

Seeing the finished product being used gives them a lot of joy, knowing they are a lasting part of the community.

“To be able to go to a restaurant or a university and know that we are a part of that, is a very, very rewarding feeling.  The people recognize the furniture and say I saw your furniture at such and such and that's pretty special to us,” Willis said.

The company has around 10 employees, including welders, fabricators and painters.