Allstate named 2019 Red Cross Workplace Hero for helping community

These days, not many companies pay their employees to volunteer let alone donate money to a charity of their choice -- just a couple reasons why Allstate is this year's Red Cross Workplace Hero.

The conference room inside Allstate's field office is oftentimes ground zero for the company's efforts to make a difference outside its walls.

Each year, the company works with up to 30 different nonprofits.

"You know, when you think of Allstate and you see Allstate in good hands logo, you think about insurance, right? And protecting our customers? But for the folks that aren't inside these walls here, it’s about giving back, It’s about giving back to the communities that they live in, that they serve, so it’s all about volunteering and giving back to the community,” said Tony Joyce, Allstate division leader.

Leading the charge is the Helping Hands Committee.

Members of the group meet frequently to update one another on the company's philanthropic events.

"With Allstate being one of the larger employees here in the valley, I think it's just very important that we actually, you know, do our part to help others in the valley, especially organizations. So we do it by volunteers as well as monetary support," said Chris Saunders, Allstate senior team leader.

There are snap shots over the years of Allstate employees volunteering at different area events.

Each employee is paid to volunteer.

They can even apply for a $500 grant from the company to give to a nonprofit after serving 16 hours with the organization.

Policies like that make it easy to understand why Allstate is the 2019 Red Cross Workplace Hero.

"You know, we live here. We reside in your neighborhoods, so to be able to help organizations in various ways is definitely a hero in my eyes,” said Joyce.

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