More than 12,000 registered for 3.2 Remembrance Run at Virginia Tech



Sunday marks the 10-year anniversary of the shootings at Virginia Tech.

Thousands joined today's 3.2 Remembrance Run to honor the 32 lives that were lost April 16th, 2007.

Many shared memories of the lost.

T-shirts that read "3.2 for 32" filled the open field of green.

"There's such a sense of community here as you can see. There's not a word for it," says graduate, Dallas King of Virginia Tech.

Christen king who joined her husband Dallas for the run, lived in the dorm where one of the shootings took place.

"I couldn't text my parents the phones were just so tied up," says Christen.

She described the moment she realized one of the girls in her hall didn't come back, "It was really tough, trying waiting hoping, but she's not there."

Christen says she wants this run to help her children understand why it's important never to forget.

As soon as participants finished a massive group photo, they quickly headed to the starting line, taking off in giant group waves.

Both spectators and participants cheered on.

"To see that a lot of people cared about something like this, it was inspiring, and it inspired me to not stop while I was running and stuff like that, I see a lot of people having fun," says participant, Katriel Recepcion.

"Beautiful day, we got lucky, fantastic support by the Virginia Tech community, and I had no idea this community was so big and so great," says participant, Edgar Jimenez, who joined the run with his kids.

Organizers of this run say more than 12,000 participants registered for the event.