Target gives FitBit devices to employees to promote healthy living

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(WSLS 10) - Target announced in a statement to employees on its website, it has made one of the largest corporate group purchases of Fitbit™ devices ever. And the FitBits are going straight into the hands of Target employees.

The statement on Target's corporate website said it will give each employee a free or discounted Fitbit activity and sleep tracking device as part of its Fall FitBit Challenge.

The statement says, in part:

We believe Target is uniquely positioned to help improve the health of our team and the nation by making wellness the way of life where people live, learn, work, play and shop."

The Fall FitBit Challenge for Target employees goes like this: Employees will receive a FitBit, either for free or at a discounted charge - depending on the model chosen. They will then join group activities a platform from Fitbit.

The number of steps taken by members of each team will be counted and averaged from October 15 to November 15. The team with the highest average wins $1 million for the local charity of their choice. , to be distributed to local wellness non-profits of their choice.

The statement said employees will now receive wellness discounts on certain products like fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, in addition to employee discounts.