Great Apps to help with Christmas shopping


The shopping season is well underway and while you're out filling those wish lists, there are a few apps to help assist you.


Santa's bag is one of the best with its ability to import recipients, set budgets, plan gifts and create wish lists. When you're ready to hit the store, you'll have everything in a list that will help make sure you have everyone covered and still have money for new year's eve. The ad-supported app is free for IOS.


Gift planner lets users manage gift-giving for the holidays and other events like birthdays or anniversaries. You can set a countdown so you don't run short on time and keep track of what you spend so you don't run short on budget. Use gift planner's bookmarking feature to send gift ideas from your computer or tablet to the app. The scanner feature lets you quickly and easily upload info about what you've bought. The app is free for IOS.


Android users will want to get the app called Christmas gift list. The app allows users to add recipients and keep track of gifts bought and how much has been spent. Christmas gift list also includes a countdown to Christmas and a total amount spent on gifts. There's even a way to check off when you've wrapped gifts. Christmas gift list is free for android.

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