Review:The shatter proof Droid Turbo 2

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Chris Essex – TERRE HAUTE,Ind. (WTHI) - Okay...I have a question for you...how often do you drop your phone? If you are clumsy...boy have I got a phone for you.

I'm talking about the Droid Turbo 2 by Motorola.

The Turbo 2 is a Verizon exclusive.

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This phone will set you back $624 up front, or about $21 a month on their monthly plan. That price is pretty standard for smartphones these days.


So what makes this one special? Honestly...not a whole lot. So why would you even consider getting it? Well...the screen. Drop it, step on it, kick it around...that screen isn't going to break,

The iPhones and Galaxy phones of the world have trained us all to be super careful...and man...nothing makes your heart skip a beat like dropping your super expensive...super fragile phone.

With the Turbo 2...that fear can melt away. So with that said, this is a review phone...and I didn't want to be too rough with it. So check out these YouTube videos of people that aren't afraid to throw theirs around.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaiEIlPxnok&w=560&h=315]

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzvV6F8eSH8&w=560&h=315]

In fact, Motorola has a crazy long warranty for the screen, in the event it does crack.

So yeah...the screen is why you came to this show...but how about everything else. Meh.

Inside the box

First of all actually...outside of the box. Maybe it was just me, but man...getting this box open was work. There is the outer shell that is perfectly fitted. It wasn't easy to get off. Anyway...no big deal...you don't care about that.

The cord...uggghhhh. Okay, so most phones come with a USB cord and a power cube. This allowed you to swap the cord from the cube to your computer. The Turbo 2 doesn't give you that option. It's just one long power cord...so you're only option is to plug it into the wall.

Now, this charger...while it might not be handy to swap cords out, they have branded it a Turbo Charger. And turbo it is. I went from seven percent battery to about 80 percent battery in 20 minutes or so.

In fairness...the cord you would need to do this (micro USB) is super cheap, and you probably have a pile of them already lying around.

Look and Feel

The model I received looks like the phone the Terminator would use if he needed to find John Connor. The good news though, it doesn't have to. Motorola actually has a pretty awesome customization tool on their website allowing you to change colors, the material the back is made of, and even the welcome screen. Pretty cool stuff. You can check out all of those options right



The screen is a perfect 5.4 inches. Hitting that sweet spot I love. The quality...the actual look of the screen didn't pop for me...but it wasn't bad enough to notice...or to make you want to turn away.

The buttons on the side weren't my favorite thing in the world. They were kind of too flush for my liking. I found myself accidently pressing the buttons when I would pull the phone out of my pocket. Sometimes even prompting the power off option.

It ships with 32 gigs of memory, with the option to expand up to two friggin terabytes with a microSD card. With that said, you won't find a two tb card anywhere. Now, if you order through Motorola's website...you have the option for 64 gigs of internal storage.

This phone is water resistant. Don't take it for a swim, but you will be fine if it gets rained on.

Using the phone

It ships with Android 5.1. That's the last gen version. They are up to 6 now. That's the problem with a lot of Android phones...you just don't know when yours will receive the update. With that said, I have no doubt it will make its way to the Turbo 2...it's just a matter of when.

Using the phone is super snappy. I experienced no lag when switching and opening apps.

So this phone comes packed with bloatware. Like...loads of it. Cookie Jam? Yep...Empire? You've got it. How about a little Panda Pop? Oh yes. At one point, I even received a push notification telling me about bloatware stuff I could buy. Not cool bro...not cool at all.

Moto brag about the battery life. Is it brag worthy? Yes. Yes it is. I charged this phone every other day...where I have to charge my iPhone every night...and sometimes even in the middle of the day.

No thumbprint log-in with this phone though, so if you want to lock it up...you will have to go with a password.


21 megapixels. That's what the main camera on the Turbo 2 brings to the table. That's a lot of megapixels for a cell phone. So how do the photos actually looks really good! Check out this


awesome shot of a sunset in downtown Terre Haute.

One thing I don't like about the camera, though...the actual layout of the program. To take the photo, you tap on anywhere on the screen. I'm not digging that. I took way too many photos when i actually intended to focus. Another thing that seemed to be missing was quick access to my photos i took. I had to exit out of the camera app, and go to the gallery.

Bottom Line

Are you clumsy? Do you hate cases? Do you have Verizon? Remember, it's exclusive.

With an awesome camera, a great battery...and that shatter proof screen i don't think you can go wrong here!