Scammers pretend to work for Sheriff's Office, harass people about missing jury duty, demand payment

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BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va. – If you receive a call that you've missed jury duty and need to report to jail, it's a scam.

The Botetourt County Sheriff’s Office says residents have recently reported being called by people who are using Sheriff’s Office phone numbers and stating they are law enforcement.

A person reported receiving a call at work advising him or her of missing jury duty.  The caller went on to state the person was subject to arrest and required to post bail.  

The victim was given specific instructions to report to the jail and remain on the phone while in transit.

While in transit, the victim was instructed to purchase prepaid cards for payment of bail.

The Botetourt County Sheriff’s Office says that no one from the Sheriff’s Office will call and demand payment over the phone or computer. 

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