Gas prices expected to drop


The year has been among the most painful at the pump.

Gas prices are about 48 cents more this Labor Day, compared to last year.

"There's been high global demand and shrinking supply. So, when you put all those factors together, it just really increases pump prices," said Triple A's Jeanette Casselano.

But, price at the pum are about to take a tumble.

Triple A is predicting the current average price of $2.84 to drop by 14 cents over the next few months.

"One of the factors into why gas prices will be cheaper this Fall is the blend.  Winter blend is cheaper to produce and therefore we really see gas prices coming down," said Casselano.

In addition, worldwide demand is expected to drop.

If hurricane activity remains light in the Atlantic, consumers could soon see prices drop back to levels unseen in four years.

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