Daytime Kitchen: La Brioche

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Chef Marco Serrano from Our Daily Bread Bakery and Bistro shares a recipe for La Brioche.

La Brioche


· 1lb Flour   Combine all ingredients with a paddle

· 3oz Sugar    on medium speed mix for 8-10min

· 1/2tsp salt   add butter until absorbed .

· 1tsp Yeast     place dough in a bowl and cover it

· 2oz Milk      let sit for 45 min and refrigerate over

· 8 to 9 Eggs  night. Remove from the fridge cut

· 8oz Butter  into 1lb portion roll it to be able

to do a large crown and let it proof until double size

than fill it up with cream cheese and raspberry jam

in differente part of it and baked it for 25 to 28 min

at 330 farenheight or until golden color than place

decoration for mardi gras and enjoy the life.