Daytime Kitchen: Protein Shakes

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WSLS - Daytime Blue Ridge - Smoothies - How to make them Healthier By: Pat Leonard - A.C.E. certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach Better to eat or drink your calories: - Healthy Food is always the best choice first (digestion, fullness) - Healthy Smoothies with fruits and vegetables can be a better choice if….. - Used as a meal replacement - ask your healthcare professional (M.D. R.D.) - Used by special populations - add protein to rebuild muscles, vegetarian diets Juicing, Smoothies, Protein Drinks · Juicing - process of separating the liquid from fruits/veggies - pulls out valuable nutrients ·Smoothies - blended drink with juice and/or milk, veggies/fruit, protein and other ingredients ·Protein Drinks - typically a smoothie with added powder protein used as meal replacement or exercise recovery. (Whey, Casein, and Soy are most popular) Keep your drinks healthy by minimizing sugar, fats, salt content, and serving size.   1 Cucumber 1 Avocado ½ cup grated carrots 1 cup Vegetable Juice Grated Ginger to taste Pinch of fresh mint 1 cup ice (optional) In a blender, add liquids first, ice last.   Add all ingredients one at a time, chop up larger pieces into smaller ones before placing in blender.  Enjoy 8 ounces per serving.