Daytime Kitchen: Summer Cocktails and Dehydrated Fruit

Blogger of Cork Envy, Jason Stubblefield joins us in the Daytime Kitchen to teach us about dehydrated fruits, and to make cocktails. The Dehydrator he is using is the EZ Dry by Excalibur, and the Presecco is the Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore.

Here are the cocktail recipes:

  • Cocktail 1: Simple Apple Sangria
    • Dehydrated apples bring out the apple flavors in the prosecco. Easy to dehydrate since apples are available all year long

  • Cocktail 2: Raspberry Reale
    • It's a classic, but despite having tried this cocktail at some point, I find many people don't know what it is called or how exactly it is made. And everyone seems to love this drink.
    • Ingredients:
      • 1/4 oz Raspberry liqueur
      • Chilled Prosecco
      • Fresh raspberry

  • Directions:
    • Pour liqueur into Champagne flute
    • Fill glass with Prosecco
    • Float raspberry for garnish

    • Cocktail 3: Blue Ridge Bellini
      • I've done a southern take on the classic Bellini for this one. Reminiscent of a Mint Julep, but lighter. I used the dehydrator to dry my fresh mint for the sugar. It also marries the distilling tradition of the area with the classic Italian cocktail.
      • Ingredients
        • 1 oz peach simple syrup
        • 1/2 oz bourbon
        • Prosecco
        • Mint sugar
        • Fresh Mint leaves

  • Directions:
    • Rim a champagne flute with mint sugar
    • Pour peach syrup and bourbon into bottom of flute
    • Fill glass with Prosecco
    • Add a fresh mint leaf or two for garnish
    • Give a gentle stir