Daytime Kitchen: Countdown to Christmas

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Liz Bushong is in the Daytime Kitchen making delicious treats that you can make in advance of Christmas. Yes, it is only October, but making holiday plans early takes away the stress! And these treats are delectable!

Here's the recipes:

Sno-Ball Snowmen


6 Hostess Sno-Balls®

Butter cream Frosting- canned or home-made -Black, orange, & red or your choice for headband

Mini Oreo® Cookies


Place unwrapped Sno-ball on serving platter. Fill 3 disposable piping bags fitted with tip # 5 with canned or home-made butter cream frosting. Pipe a thin band around top of head, frosting color of choice; attach two halves of an Oreo cookie for the ear muffs to the side of the head and on the frosting band. Pipe black frosting for eyes and mouth. Pipe orange nose.

Yield: 6 snow ball snowmen

Kit Kat Christmas Trees


· XL Kit Kat candy bar- solid and not separated into sticks

· Green Candy Melts

· Assorted Christmas Sprinkles

· Wilton or other brand decorative icing star

· small zip lock bag- scissors

· baking tray with parchment paper

· small spatula


Cut kit kat horizontally into three small triangles to represent trees place on parchment lined baking sheet. With left over kit kat pieces, cut a tree trunk. In microwave bowl, add water and heat 2 minutes on high. Place candy melts into zip lock sealed baggie and insert into warm water to melt. Massage the melts to completely melt. Clip a small corner of the baggie and pipe the tree trunk to the tree, then pipe horizontal lines across tree to represent a full tree. While melts are wet, sprinkle Christmas sprinkles and add decorative star to top of tree. Using small spatula remove trees after melts have completed dried. Arrange on cookie tray. Trees can stand if you trim the trunk base flat and candy melt the bottom of trunk and plate.

Yield: 2 kit kat trees per bar + 1 small tree