Daytime Kitchen: Holiday Stew

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Randall Spencer from Blue Ridge Mountain Catering joins Natalie and Brittany in the kitchen to make a holiday stew.

Here's the recipe:


1 Leftover roasted turkey carcass

1 med Onion quartered

1 lb Carrots, 3 quartered crosswise, the rest thinly sliced

2 ea Stalks celery, quartered crosswise (save leaves for dumplings)

1 ea Bay leaf

3 ea Springs parsley

3 ea Springs thyme

4 Tbsp Unsalted butter

4 ea Shallots, minced

¼ c All-purpose flour

½ tsp Kosher salt & fresh ground pepper

1 lb Parsnips, peeled & thinly sliced

1 ea Juice of ½ lemon

1 lb Green beans, cut into 1-inch pieces

1 bn Fresh chives, chopped for topping