Food Truck Festival: Fast Burger

Cooking up the Fast Bacon Burger

ROANOKE – JD Sutphin from Big Lick Entertainment and Fast Burger joins us in the Daytime Kitchen to talk about their involvement in the Food Truck Festival benefiting Feeding America Southwest Virginia. He also is cooking up Fast Burger's most popular burger!

Here's the recipe for the Marmalade:


diced red onion,

One bottle of cheer wine soda,

balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper,

bacon grease


Marmalade recipe; and a small skillet cook two or three pieces of bacon until done, remove bacon and add chopped red onions to the bacon grease cook until translucent, then add enough cheer wine soda to cover the onions, and let simmer for 2 to 3 minutes. Then add balsamic vinegar, sriracha and salt and pepper to taste.  Lower heat and let it simmer, stirring occasionally for 25 to 30 minutes adding cheer wine to keep the onions wet.