Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Gifts

We have a round up of the best Technology gifts for this Holiday season


We have a round up of the best Technology gifts for this Holiday season.

Nanoleaf Rhythm Music Visualizer

$49.99; www.nanoleaf.me

The Nanoleaf Rhythm is a new add-on module that allows the Nanoleaf Light Panels to react to sound and music. The Rhythm transforms audio into a mesmerizing display of dancing colors for a truly immersive musical experience. The module’s audio sensors pick up music and transform beats and melodies into real-time hypnotic displays of color. The free Nanoleaf app features new “Rhythm scenes” for immediate use, with the ability to customize scenes for more personalization. Rhythm is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Nanoleaf Light Panels

$199; www.nanoleaf.me

A smart lighting system made up of triangular panels that snap together into various configurations – from artistic to functional. Lighting is transformed into a paintbrush you control with the swipe of a finger or the sound of your voice. You can create custom lighting animations using the Nanoleaf app; then watch them come to life right before your eyes. It’s the perfect fusion of lighting design and technology, creating the perfect ambience in any space. With the ability to display 16.7 million colors, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. It’s the ideal smart light system if you love to design and want to ambience to your home, apartment, condo or office. Available at Best Buy and Apple Store.


PowerUp Dart Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane Kit

$49.99; www.poweruptoys.com

The PowerUp Dart lets you transform plain paper airplanes into high-tech smartphone-controlled flying machines. With the Dart, pilots can perform precision aerobatic maneuvers at the flick of the wrist, including loops, flips and barrel rolls with ease. The PowerUp Dart module uses Bluetooth smart technology to easily control and maneuver a small paper plane with speeds of up to 25 MPH and a range more than 200 feet. The unit also includes landing gear for takeoff and landing capability. The PowerUp Dart kit includes plane templates for users to fly, but design possibilities are endless. Users can control their flight using intuitive gesture controls or the gamepad-style app interface.


Creative Halo

$69.99; www.creative.com  

This portable Bluetooth speaker comes with a fully programmable, infinite tunnel lightshow that can dance along to your music. It is made of a comfortable fabric, boasts up to 8 hours battery life, and also functions as a speakerphone. The Creative Halo features two full-range drivers and a hidden passive woofer for additional bass enhancement.




JBL Pulse 3

$199.95; www.jbl.com

A portable, water proof Bluetooth speaker that combines 360° sound with a 360° light show. With a built-in rechargeable battery that delivers up to 12 hours of playtime and an IPX7 waterproof housing, Pulse 3 is perfect for listening by the beach or pool … or even in it. Simply shake the Pulse 3 to create a synchronized lightshow with other Pulse 3 devices.



iSport Victory In-Ear Wireless Headphones

Monster iSport Victory is part of Monster’s critically acclaimed fitness headphone line. Features new twisted, reflective cable for extra safety running at night and in low-light environments. Two sound-engineered Monster Sound profiles (warm-up and sport) lets you customize your workout audio experience. Patent-pending airtight OmniTip offers ease of fit for any ear shape. High sound isolation, targeted at activities requiring a high level of concentration.