Fresh Options in your Dairy Aisle

June is National Dairy Month.


Dairy products are more than just your average fridge staples. While families are still purchasing milk, eggs and butter – those options have evolved to feature a variety of milk alternatives, organic milks, exotic juice and other beverage options.  Cheeses and yogurts have boomed in popularity, and there is additional versatility in the aisle with products such as potatoes, dips, puddings, desserts, cookies, breads, all perfect inspiration for summer entertaining.


Gearing up for Dairy Month in June, Ceci Carmichael tells us about the latest innovations in the dairy aisle. She will discuss the latest ideas to fuel all of your summer activities – everything from appetizers and summer drinks to party menus and snacks on the go…and why the dairy aisle can be the perfect destination for real ingredients, farm-to-table freshness and options for every dietary need.