Daytime Kitchen: Charcuterie Board

Liz Bushong stops by to show us how to put together some meats, cheese & more

ROANOKE – Life and style expert Liiz Bushong stops by the daytime kitchen to show us how to be crafty with a charcuterie board!  From meats, cheese, crackers, and more; there are endless ways to create your own unique display.  Get Liz's recipe here:

Charcuterie Board

Three cheeses- Soft, Medium and Strong cheese

Goat cheese- Brie, Wedge of Blue Cheese

Assorted Breads, Crackers

Chewy & Crunchy- Sweet & Salty-

                             Dried cherries, cranberries,  apricots, candied nuts, pretzels

Spreads- savory & sweet

Olive tapenade, Pepper jam, fig jam, honey,


  • Select a large cutting board –or make one. How to on lizbushong.com
  • Arrange trio of cheese -your choice on board.
  • Arrange fresh fruit   and spreads
  • Nestle assorted crackers & breads that pair with the cheese and spreads
  • Add dried fruits and nuts