Daytime Kitchen: Lamb Chops & Corn Fritters With Hotel Roanoke

Executive Chef Stephen DeMarco joins us with a delicious recipe

ROANOKE – Executive Chef Stephen DeMarco from Hotel Roanoke's Regency Room joins us with a delicious recipe for Lamb Chops and Corn Fritters.  Get the recipe, and hear about the upcoming events you don't want to miss!



· 2 Medium Size Lamb Chops
· 4oz Shredded Potato (for hash)
· 2oz Mixed Sweet Pepper
· 1oz Chopped Shallot
· Pinch of Black Truffle Salt (to taste)
· Heirloom Carrots (mixed colors) Cut into Thin batons
· 2oz Cabernet Jus (or your favorite brown sauce/gravy)
· Salt & Pepper to taste
· Chopped Fresh Mint

Season Chops with Salt & Pepper. Grill or pan-fry in a hot pan until golden brown and sealed. Remove and finish to temperature in a hot oven. Leave to rest, then serve.
In hot pan with a little oil, add Shallots, Peppers and potato. Season with Truffle Salt. Cook mixture until golden brown and crisp.
In Small pot, Boil carrot sticks until just cooked. Drain add chopped mint Salt & Pepper to taste, toss with a knob of butter.
Place all on plate, cover each chop with brown sauce/gravy  



Fritter batter

· 1cup. Flour
· 1tsp. Baking Powder
· 1/2tsp. Salt
· 1/4tsp. Sugar
· 1 Egg (lightly beaten)
· 1 tbsp. Melted Butter
· 12oz. Whole Kernel Corn 

Add all dry ingredients, then eggs then butter. Fold in corn kernels. Deep-fry @ 350 degree's.
Let drain; serve with your favorite dip or dressing