Make terrific toasts acceptable for dinner

Mary Rapoport shows us how to create not-so-boring toast creations

ROANOKE, Va.Mary Rapoport, from the Virginia Egg Council, shows us how to create not-so-boring toast creations you're entire family will love for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack!

Terrific Toasts

These ideas for fancy and plain ‘toasts’, are all the rage in high-end restaurants for the brunch crowd.  They make excellent, quick and easy meals – including light dinners, when a no-fuss meal is called for – we call them Dinner Eggs.  Experiment with various artisan breads (have bread sliced at the deli counter and tuck in the freezer to toast later); various greens like Arugula, Mache, Mesclun mix, etc.; and various egg preparations, to make your own personal favorite.  Check out some terrific recipes on www.dinnereggs.org.


Cinnamon/Sugar Toast

Combine 1 T. cinnamon with 4 T. sugar in a jar; shake to combine.  Sprinkle this on warm, buttered toast. Enjoy a hard-boiled egg on the side for some protein.


PB and Chopped Fruit Toast

Spread peanut butter on hot toast.  Sprinkle on chopped peaches or strawberries.  Enjoy a hard-boiled egg on the side for added protein.


Avocado/Hard Boiled Egg Toast

Drizzle a bit of olive oil on toast; spread about ¼ small avocado; top with sliced hard-boiled egg; salt/pepper/dill and a bit more olive oil.  Hot sauce, optional.


Cream Cheese/Smoked Salmon Scramble on Toast

Combine 2 beaten eggs with 2 T. softened cream cheese.  Heat a non-stick skillet; melt a  pat of butter or spray with cooking spray; add egg/cheese mixture and scramble on very low heat until soft and creamy.  Fold in a few tablespoons smoked salmon.  Spread this on buttered or oiled toast.


Spinach/Crispy Prosciutto and Fried Egg Toast

Drizzle a bit of olive oil on toast; layer baby spinach leaves and fried prosciutto.  Top with a Fried egg.


BLET Open-Faced Toast

Spread toast lightly with mayonnaise.  Layer tomato slices, cooked bacon, shredded lettuce of choice and egg salad.  Enjoy with a knife and fork.


Lemon Goat Cheese with Arugula and Poached egg

Combine lemon juice with some softened goat cheese.  Spread on toast.  Top with arugula and a Poached Egg.  Sprinkle with crushed, hot pepper.  Enjoy with a knife and fork.


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