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Save on this smart base that keeps your coffee and tea hot

Say goodbye to cold coffee with this electric smart mug warmer.
Say goodbye to cold coffee with this electric smart mug warmer. (Remarkable Goodz)

Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Do you spend more time walking over the microwave and reheating your beverage more than you do actually drinking? If so, you either need to switch to cold brew or invest in a mug warmer.

Mug warmers are a smart and efficient way to keep your hot beverage and save you fewer trips to the microwave.

The Electric Smart Mug Warmer, now on sale for 61% off the regular price, is a lightweight, sleek and affordable option for you.

This mug warmer uses smart technology to keep your beverage at the temperature you choose.

Simply plug this sleek mug warmer into an available outlet, place your glass, stainless steel or ceramic cups on the base, and set your desired temperature between 104°F and 140°F by pressing a single button.

The Electric Smart Mug Warmer has a convenient indicator light that will take the guessing out of how warm your cup of coffee or tea is too.

First, the indicator light will blink red signaling the unit is heating up. When the unit has reached a stable temperature, it will light up solid red.

When you touch the button a second time, the indicator will light up blue signaling the temperature is cooled down between 104-122°F and touching the button a third time turns the unit off.

This mug warmer also has some nice nifty safety features such as an automatic off after 1 minute, a water-resistant design and it wipes clean with just a damp cloth.

One happy hot beverage drinker left their approval of The Electric Smart Mug Warmer with this 5-star review saying, “This mug warmer does the job very nicely. It looks good, seems well made, and the price is very reasonable (much cheaper than others I’ve seen).”

If you’re looking to savor every last drop of your hot coffee or tea, The Electric Smart Mug Warmer, available in a black or white option, is on sale now for the low price of only $22.99.

Prices subject to change