Drop your beat any time, anywhere with these cool portable interactive drum sticks

Learn to play the drums without upsetting your neighbors with these PocketDrum Bluetooth Drum Sticks. (AeroBand)

If you’ve been dreaming of being a rockstar drummer but you’re also a tad nervous to march to your own beat because you don’t know exactly what that is this, these drum sticks are calling your name and they’re on sale for only $118.95 right now.

The PocketDrum Bluetooth Drum Sticks are a great alternative for people who want to learn how to play the drums but don’t want to invest in a costly full drumset. These nifty drum sticks are portable yet packed with the sounds of a full drum kit without the full drum setup.

The lightweight design of the PocketDrum means that they will fit in your pocket or purse so you can take them with you anywhere, even to the park. These drumsticks simply connect to your phone, tablet, or TV via the Aeroband app so you can drum anywhere at any time without disturbing others around you and they have a 10-hour usage time when fully charged so you can jam out for hours.

The PocketDrum was recently successfully funded on Indiegogo and has been featured on SolidSmack, Gadget, CNET Japan, and Crowdfundly with great reviews including this one left by one happy drummer-in-training, " “It’s packed with the sounds of a full kit without the need to carry heavy, expensive drums”

If you’ve been wanting to learn to play drums or if you’re already a seasoned drummer and want to brush up on your skills without sitting in front of a full drumset, the ultra-cool PocketDrum Bluetooth Drum Sticks will let you drop your beat anywhere, anytime and they’re a great deal on sale now for only $118.95.

Prices subject to change