No more toilet paper panic! Change the game with this bidet attachment

This easy to install bidet will be a game changer for the new year.
This easy to install bidet will be a game changer for the new year. (BioBidet)

Bidets can be a bit intimidating if you’re not familiar with them. But there’s a reason why their popularity has grown significantly—who can forget the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020? That stress influenced many Americans to buy bidets to keep their toilet paper panic at bay and their bums cleaner.

If you haven’t hopped on the bidet train just yet, consider starting with SlimGlow: The World’s First Bidet Attachment Featuring a Night-Light. It’s on sale for $49.99 for a limited time, so this is a great opportunity to see for yourself.

The SlimGlow is designed with your comfort in mind. Its seat has a sleek incline that complements your natural sitting position for a pleasant bathroom experience. It’s also 50% thinner than competing products. The installation is quick and straightforward, too. You simply have to place the attachment down on the toilet bowl and connect it directly to your fresh water supply with the included brass adapter and braided metal hose.

You can even customize the flow and pressure with the easy-grip control dial; no electricity required. This way, you can start with a weaker water pressure if you’re a little bit unnerved by it all. Have to go in the middle of the night? The built-in night-light will help guide you without the need to turn on the way-too-bright overhead light that’s sure to make it impossible for you to get back to sleep.

Besides getting ahead of another mass hoarding of toilet paper (and saving money on keeping stocked), why switch from TP to a bidet? Bidets have numerous health benefits, including a cleaner bum. Washing with water is a gentler, more effective way to cleanse yourself after you go.

If you or someone in your care about has mobility restrictions, bidets can help assist in that manner as well. Using a bidet may also help alleviate anal fissures or hemorrhoids. One study discovered that bidet use may reduce anorectal pressure when used in a low water pressure setting.

Are you ready to jump into the wonderful world of bidet use? Take advantage of the discounted price of $49.99 (Reg. $79). You and your bottom will be happy.