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These child-safe headphones are designed to protect hearing

Listen to music without damaging ears
Listen to music without damaging ears (LSTN)

You do everything you can to take care of your kids. But what about all the things you can’t control like the volume on their iPad headphones? Hearing loss can be caused by early damage. Protect your little one’s ears with the Kid’s Volume-Limiting Headphones from LSTN, which put a hard stop on loud music—available with a 25% savings discount for just $29.99.

The World Health Organization says 85 decibels is the max volume for safe listening. So, that’s where the Kid’s Volume-Limiting Headphones are designed to cut off. For up to eight hours of continuous use, this volume level remains safe for developing ears.

A 5-star reviewer on the LTSN site reviews their sons’ frequent use of the headphones and notes: “...My husband and I are musicians and I studied audio production in college so we have high standards for quality and safety when it comes to our listening devices. We couldn’t be more pleased with these headphones for the most precious ears in our family!”

It’s true there’s no sacrifice in sound quality even with this safety limit. These colorful kid’s headphones are designed to deliver high-quality sound. Whether they’re watching a movie on a road trip or listening to online class all day, these headphones deliver the safe volume your kids need.

They’ll stay comfortable, too, with the generously padded, over-the-ear design. Covered with vegan leather, these durable, wired headphones are meant to stand up to getting tossed in a backpack, being ridden with on the school bus, and more.

LSTN co-founders came up with the idea for an ear-protecting headphone design after connecting with the hearing loss community. They hope to make a product that not only prevents more hearing loss but gives back to the Deaf and hard of hearing. When you purchase LSTN headphones, a donation is made to the Starkey Hearing Foundation. The Foundation donates hearing aids and has outfitted over 30,000 people already.

Protect the future of your child’s hearing when you purchase the Kid’s Volume-Limiting Headphones. You can’t control every danger in their lives, but you can protect them from hearing damage with an 85dB volume limit. Help others with your purchase as well, through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. With its current 25% discount, you can snatch up these typically $39 headphones for just $29.99.

Prices subject to change.