Stay connected and safe during summer camping with this weather alert radio

Be prepared in all situations with this weather alert radio (Eton Corp)

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, and many of us are hoping that this season will look a lot different than Summer 2020 as the country starts to open back up again. While some people may look to hit the sky to make it to their travel destination, others are looking forward to hitting the open trail and setting up camp in the great outdoors.

If camping is your thing, but you need some safety gear before you set off, the Sidekick Weather Alert Radio with Bluetooth is a must-have outdoor essential. Let’s face it, setting up camp in the wilderness can be dangerous, and everyone needs to stay up to date on the weather when they’re sleeping under the stars.

The Sidekick isn’t your average weather alert radio. Not only will his radio keep you updated on weather-related reports, but it features a red emergency beacon that is used for strong warnings about hazards or dangers heading your way.

The Sidekick also features Bluetooth technology, so you can stream your favorite music or listen to the radio with the digital tuner. It receives AM/FM, SAME and NOAA signals. If you’re wondering how this weather alert radio stays charged, it’s simple: the lithium battery absorbs energy through solar power. Alternatively, you can use the emergency hand crank as a power generator.

If you ever find yourself without a flashlight, the Sidekick has you covered with its bright LED flashlight, red emergency beacon and a huge ambient light with a dimmer, allowing you to light up the surrounding area in case of an emergency.

The rugged, rechargeable and reliable Sidekick Weather Alert Radio with Bluetooth has earned an amazing 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and it’s currently on sale for 26% off the regular price of $99. That brings the total cost of this weather alert radio down to only $72.99 for a limited time only with promo code: RADIO7.

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