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TubShroom (via StackCommerce)

If you’re tired of calling the plumber time and time again, it might be time to invest in a quality set of drain plugs. For 72 hours only, the TubShroom®, SinkShroom® Strainers & StopShroom® Plug Bundle is an extra 20% off with code WINTER20. Explore the entire Winter Savings collection for more opportunities to save this holiday season. Don’t wait—this sale ends on 12/15!

There’s nothing worse than standing in 6 inches of mucky shower water at the end of a long day. Most likely the cause for build-up is hair, bath products, pet dandruff, etc., and with TubShroom, you can get ahead of the clog before it starts. The stainless steel plug fits tightly inside the tub drain and will collect everything and anything that tries to get by. Say goodbye to the backyard hose, and go back to washing your furry friends in the tub because the TubShroom will gather even those stubborn little, wiry hairs.

Let’s not get started on what you find in all of the other sinks around the house. Shavings, toothpaste, food—oh my! The SinkShroom strainer is designed to pop out of your drain by about half an inch while still allowing the water to flow past the grunge. You’ll never have to worry about standing water again. Hair wraps around the base, sight unseen, and is easy to dispose of. It’s also great for catching jewelry or anything you don’t want to lose down the pipe.

Included in the bundle is the StopShroom Plug which stops up the water to fill the sink or bathtub. This plug is made of 100% BPA-free silicone and is super simple to maintain. Go on, take a long relaxing bath without worrying about the water slowly draining out on you.

With the Kitchen SinkShroom, you’ll no longer have to stick your hands in dirty dishwater if food is gathered in the basket. Water will continue to run through the ick in the sink for a more pleasurable dishwashing experience.

Save hundreds of dollars on expensive plumbing bills and protect the environment at the same time. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, you’ll love having less mess and no drain drama to deal with.

Get the TubShroom®, SinkShroom® Strainers & StopShroom® Plug Bundle for only $31.99, originally $49! Take an additional 20% off with code WINTER20 and more during the Winter Savings event!

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