Which Virginia cities are most excited for Christmas? 5 places in Roanoke area make list

LawnStarter uses Google Trends for study


ROANOKE, Va. – Roanoke came in at No. 2 in a new list that determined which Virginia cities are the most excited for Christmas.

Also in the Roanoke area and making the Top-20 list -- provided by a company called LawnStarter, which is responsible for the study -- are Salem at No. 10, Rocky Mount at No. 11, Christiansburg at No. 13 and Forest at No. 16.

LawnStarter used research from Google to answer the question about Christmas excitement.

“To find out which Virginia city is the most excited for Christmas Day, our research team examined Google Trends data showing search activity for terms related to the topic ‘Christmas Day’ over the past 90 days, filtered down to Virginia,” LawnStarter said on its website. “As you can see ... search activity for terms related to Christmas day really starts ramping up as we get deeper into holiday season.”

LawnStarter is a company that provides lawn service to thousands of homes all over Virginia.

“We get to see first hand the Christmas decorations residents put up. Some areas will have a few decorations here and there, others will have a handful of homes with the full gambit. And then there are the neighborhoods that go all out, as if the residents are in fierce competition to display the most Christmas spirit. This spurred our research team to ask, do some areas get more excited for Christmas than others? And if so, which Virginia cities are most excited for Christmas day?”

And now we know. Click here to view the complete list.

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