Bought your Halloween candy yet? 10 perfect suggestions to order right now

No tricks, just treats: Knock this task off your to-do list, order online today


Halloween: It's about costumes, trick-or-treating and fun get-togethers, right? Most certainly. But let's be honest and cut to the chase: It's really all about the candy -- for children and parents alike.

Yum, the candy. But, speaking of the candy ... how much should I buy? What, exactly, should I buy? Don't stores start running low on supply in the days leading up to Halloween? (The answer to that last question, by the way, is a resounding YES). Therefore, we thought we'd make it easy for you. With just a few taps, swipes or clicks, you could have a big box of candy en route to your house. No fuss, no muss.

So what are you waiting for? Why not cross this item off your to-do list today? Stock up before the big rush. You'll thank us in a few weeks! By the way: We hope you love these recommendations. Just an FYI, Graham Media Group may collect a small share of sales from the links provided on this page.


1.) The party mix bulk box

Who knew this box was even possible? Check it out. It comes in three sizes: 6 1/2 pounds, 11 pounds or a 160-count chocolate-only version. All the classics are included: Skittles, Lifesavers, Haribo gummies and Starburst, to name a few, along with (on the chocolate side of things), Almond Joy, Reese's cups, Snickers and Twix. You're definitely going to get the most bang for your buck when you order one of these massive boxes -- and if your house gets slammed with trick-or-treaters, you won't have to worry about running out of supplies or shutting off your porch light early.

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2.) Haribo Goldbears

OK, we touched on these gummies briefly, as they're included in that huge mixed box. But why not let them stand alone, like the tiny stars that they are? These are truly the OG gummy bears.

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3.) Reese's peanut butter bats

I don't know about you, but I love when Reese's turns its typical peanut butter cups into trees for Christmas, or eggs for Easter. There's just something about that different shape that seems to taste better, you know? Anyway, the same goes for these bats -- they're a cute, delicious spin on a classic candy. Can't go wrong!

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4.) Swedish Fish + Sour Patch Kids combo

These are a guaranteed slam dunk, sure to please parents and trick-or-treaters alike. A little bit edgier of a selection, don't you think? There's a lot of chocolate on this list, so if you're not a chocoholic, why not snag a bag of these guys?

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5.) Snickers pumpkins

Did you read above, where I told you my take on the Reese's bats? (The logic is, different shapes taste better). Same concept applies here!

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6.) Dove pumpkins

Yum. These Dove pumpkins (yes, yet another fun shape!) are a little bit more sophisticated of a choice -- so maybe if you’re doing something fun in your office, perhaps, with other adults? Then this bag would aim to please. Check out the delicious-sounding varieties and tell me you wouldn’t be an office favorite, passing out these little pumpkins.

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7.) Nestle Aero bars

These bars can sometimes be hard to find, depending of course on where you live, but they're oh so good! If you're, perhaps, an empty-nester and you're trying to stock something a bit quirky or different, then this is your answer. Aero bars are unique, while still tasting like a traditional candy option. They come in milk chocolate and mint varieties (both delicious) -- and you'd definitely be remembered as the "cool house."

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8.) Another variety mix: this time by Mars

Just to name a few: M&Ms, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, Twix. Sounds like a recipe for success to me. And let's fess up right here and now: You wouldn't mind if some of the candy were left over at the end of the night, would you?

While we're at it, check out the per-unit price on these (which does depend on the bag you choose). Regardless, I'm not sure you'll find a deal this good at your local grocery store two days before Halloween.

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9.) Some full-sized bars

If you’re into Halloween and figure it only comes around once a year -- hey, that’s true! -- and you aspire to be that house that passes out full-sized candy bars … then this is the box for you. This assortment comes in three sizes, so you can select the option that best fits how many costume-clad trick-or-treaters you’re expecting on your front stoop. Done, done and done.

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10.) Lollipops

Hear us out before hating on the lollies, OK?

Not to be a downer, but 'tis the season: for candy, yes, but also to be reminded that some children live with food allergies. Not everyone can have chocolate or peanuts or the classics that we all know and love. Now, I'm not promising that these lollipops are safe for everyone, because that would be impossible. But if you know of a neighborhood child with allergies or you're just trying to make sure you have some other options available, then maybe consider a "safer"-type treat such as this. You can't please everyone, but sometimes it's nice just to try.

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Did we leave your favorite off our list? Sorry about that! Click or tap here to see all the candy available. Whatever decision you make, think about how easy and convenient it will be to have a box of treats show up on your doorstep. Halloween magic!

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