Mother's Day is more than just an event in May

Mothers are honored during other months in countries around the world

Courtesy of Pexels.
Courtesy of Pexels.

Are you such a big fan of Mother’s Day that you wish you could celebrate it more than just once a year?

Well, as long as you're willing to travel, you could accomplish just that.

While the second Sunday in May is the most common day Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world -- the United States and Canada are two of 96 countries to celebrate Mother’s Day that day -- other countries honor their mothers during other days and months.

Here's a look at when other notable countries celebrate the holiday.


The Scandinavian country is the first country to celebrate Mother’s Day during the calendar year, doing so the second Sunday of every February.

Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia

These three are among 20 countries that celebrate Mother’s Day on International Women’s Day, which is March 8.

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