Short on cash, not on love? Win mom over with these ideas -- all inexpensive or free

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Whether you're trying to save money or you simply don't have much of it right now, there are still so many ways you can honor your mom on Mother's Day.

It's not always about the fancy gifts or the expensive meal. So if you just can't part with much money but still want to do something really special for your mom, here are some ideas that we are certain will be at the top of the list of best Mother's Days ever.

☕️Coffee and doughnuts 🍩

Show up to mom's house with a small bag of doughnuts and some coffee, then proceed to just hang with her for a while. You don't have to go gourmet -- plenty of supermarkets have inexpensive doughnuts.

🍎Picnic 🍞

Make some sandwiches and find a pretty place to have a picnic. Sit by a river or lake or in a park, but we have no doubt, mom will be more than happy to get the carefree time in with you. Plus, you'll both get some pretty scenery.

📽Movie night 🍿

Whether it's something you can find on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or even Red Box, find a movie you're sure she'll love and grab some popcorn (or another favorite treat of hers). For that matter, you could even hang out with her and binge watch one of her favorite shows.

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