Roanoke Catholic seniors all earning college credit

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - By the spring, two Roanoke Catholic seniors will not only finish high school but also depending on where they continue their education, their freshman year of college.

The two students will graduate Roanoke Catholic with 21 college credits thanks to the school's partnership with Virginia Western and Richard Bland.

Nearly 120 students are dual-enrolled in college including the entire senior class. For the first time, all seniors are enrolled in U.S. Government getting college credit.

"I absolutely wanted to take these classes. I thought that it would be a good opportunity in a good way for me to know what college would be like," said Abby Secamiglio, a Roanoke Catholic senior.

"What I hope that they get is a little bit of understanding of how college is going to work before they get there and hopefully they'll be able to take some classes that they would enjoy taking instead of some of the general education of the colleges require," said Jon Reynolds, a Roanoke Catholic U.S. Government teacher.

Roanoke Catholic hopes to add psychology and sociology through the dual-enrollment initiative. They want parents to be able to save money on college tuition.

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