Greenvale School raffles off Virginia 529 Contract

Greenvale School
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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - You have a chance to make a difference in a child's life and win a big prize at the same time!  The Greenvale School in Roanoke is raffling off a Virginia 529 contract. It's a unique fundraiser. Greenvale is one of two agencies in the Commonwealth offering the chance.

The Greenvale School provides sliding scale tuition based on income for children from six weeks to five years old. They rely on donations and businesses to to make up the difference.  The executive director says the fundraiser is a link between the school's mission of providing quality education and childcare and higher education.

"We're making a lasting difference. We find that families are able to go back to work, they are able to improve their financial situation by either getting higher education for themselves or getting better jobs and they're having their children in places that they know that they're safe, that they're receiving the care that they need but they're also learning," said Lisa Denny, Greenvale School Executive Director.

The goal is to make this a large annual fundraiser.  The goal is to sell at least 3,000 tickets and Greenvale can only sell 10,000 for the drawing.

You can give the tuition package to anyone you want under 17-years old.  You can buy tickets online and read the rules and regulations of the contest.

The drawing is April 30th.