Tools 4 Schools Warehouse saves teachers money

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LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - Lynchburg has a unique program designed to help teachers inside the classroom and save them money at the same time.

"Hopefully this is something that the Lynchburg City Schools can offer that's a little different then our surrounding neighbors," said Jodi Gillette, Lynchburg City Schools Education Foundation Executive Director.

Shelves, boxes and stacks of things teachers can use in the classroom. The Tools 4 Schools warehouse is free for teachers a service that's grown over the years from the Lynchburg City Schools Education Foundation.

"The official survey says that teachers spend between 300 and $400 every year out of their pocket and we all know that teachers do not get paid nearly what they deserve. We want to offset their personal investment by offering these resources," said Gillette.

"It's something that has been instrumental in my work as a counselor and other teachers work inside of the classroom," said Joel Dechant, a Paul Monro Elementary School counselor.

Teachers are given a certain number of points to spend monthly on average then they can come to the warehouse and shop for things they need based on those points pick it up here or they can order it online and it's shipped to the school.

"A lot of the things that the teachers need inside of the classroom, they are even more expensive than just regular school supplies and so the plethora of resources that are available to them it makes a huge difference for teachers whenever they want to bring some new, innovative things into their classroom," said Dechant.

Helping students learn and the school system hold onto great teachers.

"I hope it's another thing that helps us secure, attract and retain a quality workforce that above and beyond with their salaries are we have resources that we can bring to them," said Gillette

The items are purchased with grants from local businesses or community donations. To help contact Jodi Gillette at gillettejk@lcsedu.net or 434-515-5081.

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