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Roanoke school year ends with fewer homeless students

494 homeless students reported, a drop of 95 students from last year

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ROANOKE – There are fewer homeless students in Roanoke City Schools.   The school year ended with 494 homeless students, a drop of 95 students from last year.

The school system says the Help the Homeless Fund is making a big difference. The Roanoke City school system spent about $9,400 dollars on things like a utility bill, rent, coats and clothing.

The program's helped 64 families and a total of 144 students.

Also added this year was the United Way RYSE program that helped families once they became homeless find a new place to live and get set up with support services to prevent future homelessness. The RYSE program helped 14 families and 42 children out of homelessness.

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