Doctors warning about 'text neck' in kids, young adults

Problems seen in 70 or 80-year-olds can now be seen in teens

SALEM – "Text neck" is a real thing and doctors are warning you to watch for signs with your kids.   

"Headaches, fatigue, you can just watch someone they are going to be doing this business, rubbing their neck. When you start seeing a kid doing that you just go that's not right. Something's wrong. Kids are supposed to be out playing and exercising. It only gets worse when you age so when you're a kid and you're rubbing your neck it's not good," said Dr. Patrick Kennedy, of Kennedy Chiropractic.

Dr. Kennedy says we should have a forward sloping curve in our neck but we start to bend over when we text or read.

He says as a chiropractor, the problems they used to see in people that are 70 and 80 can now be seen in teens and 20-year olds.

Over time, this can cause digestive, lung, liver and reproductive problems.

He suggests keeping a close eye on your kids and trying to catch it early so you can take steps to fix "text neck".